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Eating liver is not good for health

There are many rumors about Eating liver is not good for health. Because the liver stem contains many toxins but scientist are saying that this rumors are not correct. It will depends on the environment where that animals and birds are growing. Instead of these rumors liver contains many health benefits. Many people think that liver stores and filters waste items so they think liver stores many dirty items which cause illness to humans when we eat it. But it depends on the environment and food what it takes.


Some people avoid Liver

For Pregnant women, high cholesterol and kidney patience, yellow fever they should avoid this liver. Because it contains high phosphorus which will pull calcium from your bones. For pregnant women she should not take food which contains high amount of A vitamin. There is chances to cause birth defects.

Who can eat Liver ?

Liver is good for health but it contains good Iron and Zinc. Some of the proteins in the Liver will not present in any other food. Healthy people can consume chicken liver but on the same day reduce other high cholesterol.


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